What we do

We offer a wide range of complementary and integrated services to help and support our clients in achieving high levels of operational efficiency and profitability.

Supply chain services

With the supply chain typically accounting for over 85 per cent of total business costs for devices and accessories, it is critical to create an extremely efficient supply chain to improve profitability. Designing and implementing systems and processes that fit the nature of our customer’s business model and to improve the contribution it makes to bottom line profit is complex. Effectively executing this requires continuous attention and innovation, a discipline we constantly focus on.

Our expert services in supply chain planning, logistics and distribution, executed with strict discipline for significant commercial advantage is what we do best.

Retail Assets & Workforce Management

In retail organizations where people are the biggest asset but also the biggest operating cost, systems and processes that maximizes performance levels and competency is critical. Retail environments with suitable furniture and dynamic planograms are expected to ensure a superior experience for consumers.

The demands of short product lifecycles and omni-channel are increasingly driving an environment requiring continuous improvements to knowledge and infrastructure.

Our processes and tools for managing assets and workforce in retail environments with a focus on superior consumer experience and loyalty have constantly delivered an advantage to our customers.

E-commerce & Omni Channel Services

Modern day customers are demanding products and services to fit their convenience. The traditional brick and mortar retail model would be vulnerable if not extended to meet such customer demands. Through our omni-channel focused solutions, your customers get a seamless experience across physical and virtual stores, enabling you to build better engagement and maximize earnings.

Stelacom can help establish and maintain a dynamic, seamless and integrated network across multiple platforms, providing your customers with an experience harmonized across all touchpoints.

Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Management

Our strong relationships with the leading brands and distributors enable us to provide you with cost-effective solutions that are ideally suited to your specific market needs.

Our extensive network enables us to negotiate with multiple suppliers and brand-partners and deliver the very best combined offer to your consumer.

Product Lifecycle Management

With typical products having very short lifecycles and an abundance of choice and features, a robust product lifecycle management practice is critical. Our solutions are backed by industry leading technology and processes to help you optimise financial yield and customer satisfaction.

While we manage all aspects of forecasting demand, NPI and merchandizing planning, EOL management and retirement (this includes trade-ins, upgrades and repairs), our fully integrated systems provide you with up to date reporting and end to end visibility across the lifespan of every product.

Product marketing operations

We provide end to end marketing operations and will put in place the people, the technology and all of the processes required to achieve your targets through effective campaigns.

Whether it’s planning and budgeting or execution and analysis, Stelacom will be with you every step of the way. We will create and execute campaigns to push your products out and convert prospects into loyal customers and raving fans.

Product portfolio

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